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Collaborations and side projects

Caroline has relased two solo instrumental albums as Caroline Jago – MMXII and MMXII-II – and continues to create and self-release her eclectic oeuvre of uncategorisable spanglient* sounds. She also produces tracks for music production companies, which occasionally appear on international TV.

In 2012 she released a single with Monica Richards of Faith and the Muse – Agnus Dei – while Under a Clouded Heaven, her collaboration with Mike O’Brien (Melankolia) has mysteriously achieved cult status. More recently, she recorded with Moon Far Away, playing dulcimer on their single ‘Celebrate’ (2017).

Both Caroline and Lesley appear on Monica Richards’ 2013 Kindred album, contributing guitar and percussion respectively. Lesley has drummed on the Tamerlan album AIN (2014), and The Hare and the Moon album The Wood Witch (2015).

They can both be seen playing live from time to time, drumming with Der Blaue Reiter and Peter Bjärgö (Arcana) and have appeared with Monica Richards, and throat singer extraordinaire Soriah.  Caroline also now sings with the London-based Georgian polyphonic choir, Maspindzeli, performing the unique songs of her beloved Georgia.

* spangly-ambient

parallel-ev-cover-smallShadow Biosphere

Shadow Biosphere is Caroline and Lesley’s cosmic-ambient project.

Sonically drawing on dark ambient, bio-acoustic, primeval, abyssal and imagined sound worlds, our debut album ‘Parallel Evolution’ evokes the hidden life within and beyond our known realms…

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a0604061520_16No Red Seas

Fundraising albums for ocean conservation

Lesley and Caroline organised two benefit compilation albums for marine wildlife causes.

Download NO RED SEAS Volumes I and II and get several hours of excellent music – and support a vital cause. Both albums feature new and exclusive material from major artists in the neoclassical, darkwave, ethereal and dark ambient genres, including tracks by numerous Seventh Harmonic friends, collaborators, and associates, such as The Eden House, Julianne Regan, Irfan, Jo Quail, Soriah, Louisa John-Krol, Monica Richards, Daemonia Nymphe, Sol Invictus, Peter Bjärgö, and Matt Howden.

The albums are available as downloads from bandcamp.com and whatever you chose to pay goes direct to The Black Fish, supporting their effective and essential work in fighting overfishing and protecting marine wildlife.