September 21st | Electrowerks, London, UK – with Nytt Land and Seidrblot. Send us your name(s) for reduced price entry.


March 10th | Porta Nigra festival, Belgium

October 12th Goth City Festival, Leeds, UK – with Inkubus Sukkubus and Dyonisis


September 1st |  Black Rose Ball, York, UK – with Kirk Brandon and Irfan – photos


September 4th | Nocturnal Culture Night (NCN) festival, Leipzig, Germany – photos


September 11th | The Sebright Arms, London, UK – with Mishaped Pearls photos


February 16th | The Lexington, London UK – with Daemonia Nymphe and Jo Quail photos

May 4th | The Garage, London, UK – with Rosa Crvx and Jo Quail – photos

December 13th | Rakvere, Estonia – Darkland Fire V festival – photos


April 24th | Lotto Mons Expo, Mons, Belgium – Trolls et Légendes Festival – photos

June 26th | Purple Turtle, London, UK – with Inkubus Sukkubus, In Isolation and Last July 

September 3rd | Villa Aganoor Pompilj, Monte del Lago, Italy – Villa Festival – photos


May 23rd | Schauspielhaus, Leipzig, Germany – Wave Gotik Treffen – photos

July 17th | Expo, Waregem, Belgium – Waregem Gothic Festival – photos

August 15th | Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht, Holland – Summer Darkness festival  | photos

December 11th | Kulturhaus, Bucharest, Romania – Dark Bombastic Evening II festival


April 9th | Marco Polo Club, Budapest, Hungary

September 18th | Le Botanique, Brussels, Belgium – with In My Rosary


April 11th | Red Rose Club, London, UK – with Allerseelen, While Angels Watch, and Solanas – Solanas

June 29th | The Hobbit, Southampton, UK – with RazorBladeKisses

July 6th | The Verge, London, UK – with Misnomer and RazorBladeKisses


January 27th | Antwerp, Belgium – Eurorock Indoors Festival 

June 1st | Camden Underworld, London, UK – with Waterglass and Firefly 

June 8th | Mercat, Birmingham, UK – with Waterglass

July 7th | Dublin Castle, London, UK – with Naevus and Misnomer

October 12th | Camden Underworld, London, UK – with Sex Gang Children, Altered States, and Ghost of Lemora

November 29th | Upstairs at the Garage, London, UK – ‘Promise of Sacrifice’ album launch


April 13th | Hobgoblin, Brighton, UK – with Psychophile and Deadstar Brides

May 5th | Camden Underworld, London, UK – with Sorrow and Mantra

July 1st | Dublin Castle, London, UK – with Naevus and Cauda Pavonis 

November 18th | Dublin Castle, London, UK – plus supports

Live reviews

Inkubus Sukkubus, Seventh Harmonic, Last July, In Isolation | Purple Turtle, London – 26th June 2011

Seventh Harmonic are a pretty big draw tonight, especially as it had been ten years or so since they last played in the UK. The group feature, amongst others, Caroline Jago of Sol Invictus and Ann-Mari Thim of Arcana, which should give you a strong indication that they’re a rather special project. Playing tracks from the past as well as from the brand new album ‘Garden Of Dilmun’, they were incredibly interesting both aurally and visually.

With a projector beaming images behind them it was a bit of an overload to the senses. We had both Ann-Mari’s rafter-hitting operatic vocals to contend with as well as the violin clamour of Eilish McCracken, along with various percussive instruments that were either softly slapped or militantly banged. The music itself could be both mellow and soothing or strident and very much in the face. Some found the vocals too much, and to be fair, they were epic and there was no escaping them anywhere in the venue. It was the sort of performance that would have been better suited to somewhere like The RFH rather than a small North London club, but even here the PA coped admirably making songs such as ‘Bidding Grief Farewell’ sparkle. Finishing with a flourish, ‘Equianimi’ gave a delirious Middle Eastern twist, it wasn’t just the heat that had us momentarily transported to the Saharan desert. An enchanting performance.
Dominion Magazine

Waregem Gothic Festival | Expo, Waregem, Belgium – 17th July 2010

The second day at the Gothic Festival 2010 started quiet and calm with Seventh Harmonic, a nice way to start a festival day. Supported by some visuals on the video screen, the Swedish-British five-piece created a beautiful, haunting atmosphere. Focus of the music and the stage presence is singer Ann-Mari Thim, and indeed her performance was more than convincing. Her voice, apparently classically trained, is pretty strong and rich. The rest of the band left a good as impression as well, although they had to rely on pre-recorded backings for the more orchestral parts of the songs. But who could afford to bring a full orchestra for such a gig? Anyway, Seventh Harmonic gave us a relaxed and lovely start of the festival day, and although I’m sure that many people weren’t familiar with Seventh Harmonic  their performance was pretty well received. And later in the day we would see vocalist Ann-Mari Thim again on stage as a member of Arcana! | photos
Rating –  Music: 9 | Performance: 8 | Sound: 8 | Light: 7 | Total: 8.3/10
Reflections of Darkness |

A very good show; Seventh Harmonic’s terrific ethereal wave was an ideal beginning for a long concert day! Caroline played the bass as if it was a violin or a cello in some songs, which was very original. The percussionist (not an ordinary drummer) was really impressive. Of course Ann-Mari Thim is a great singer, as we know from Arcana. And the wonderful harp sounds of Keltia made it a dreamy experience. | photos
Dark Entries |