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Released December 2013. Download from bandcamp

Garden of Dilmun
Out of Line Records | £13.00

Released May 2011. Music - Caroline Jago; vocals - Annmari Thim 
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Track listing
(click for lyrics)
1 Valensanimi
2 Aoide
3 Dilmun
4 Imbolc
5 Mabon
6 Eostre
7 Soporanimi
8 Beltane


9 Mneme
10 Litha
11 Samhain
12 Melete
13 Equianimi

Promise of Sacrifice

First Light Recordings | £10.00

Released Sept 2002. Music - Caroline Jago; vocals - Kate Arnold, Fionna, Paul Nemeth; violin - Éilish McCracken. 
Also includes two tracks with Daemonia Nymphe. FLIGHT 002 | 
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Track listing
(click for lyrics)
1 De terra fons exoritur
2 Chains
3 Page of Wands
4 Pass within
5 Promise of sacrifice
6 {The third chamber}
7 Icarus


8 Butterfly kiss
9 Inside the circle
10 Immortal Selene
11 To the mother of gods
12 Parisina
13 A ship, dreaming
14 {The fourth chamber}

The Ascent
First Light Recordings |  £10.00

Seventh Harmonic's debut full length album, released July 2001.
Music - Caroline Jago; vocals - Amandine Ferrari, Paul Nemeth; violin - Éilish McCracken; dulcimer - Kate Arnold.
FLIGHT 001 |
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Track listing
(click for lyrics)
1 Intro: First born
2 Inside
3i The ascent
3ii Requiem
4 Firedance
5 Your sleep
6 The sun, the sea

7 Paralysis
8i The dream
8ii The exodus
9 Transformation
10 B.C.
11 Swansong
12 The search
13 The reflection

The Awakening
Harmonic Recordings | £5.00

Seventh Harmonic's debut CD, self-released March 2000.
Music - Caroline Jago; vocals - Fionna; violin - Éilish McCracken. HARM 0001 | 
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Track listing (click for lyrics)
1 Angel tears
2 Each hour
3 Oceanus
3 Requiem
4 Buried dreams
5 Tireansamhraidh
6 The last goodbye


The Seventh Harmonic back catalogue is available for download in any format from bandcamp

Equanimi EP | £4.00
Equanimi (demo), Soporanimi (demo), Bidding grief farewell, Winter (demo) | released 2010
(scroll down for videos for all these tracks)

Promise of Sacrifice | £7.00
See CD for track listing

The Ascent | £7.00
See CD for track listing

Available as download only:

The Awakening special 10 year anniversary 13 track edition | £5.00
With bonus tracks featuring ambient and industrial remixes!

Adumbrations II | £7.00
Featuring collaborations with Daemonia Nymphe,  remixed and reconfigured tracks
from Promise of Sacrifice and The Ascent, a track that appeared on a Swans tribute album, and more..

Adumbrations | £3.50
How it all began...


High quality 100% cotton black t-shirt with logo and solar eclipse image - available in skinny, medium and XL sizes. £15.00

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From 'Garden of Dilmun'

From 'Garden of Dilmun'


'Garden of Dilmun' album preview

Soporanimi (demo version)
From the ‘Equianimi’ EP, available on Bandcamp

Equanimi (demo version)
From the ‘Equianimi’ EP, available on Bandcamp

From the ‘Equianimi’ EP, available on Bandcamp

Bidding grief farewell
From the ‘Equianimi’ EP, available on Bandcamp

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